Control Writer Software is redefining the entire concept of what a creativity and productivity based program can do, forever changing the way everyone moves from an initial idea all the way through to their final document.

Control Writer was co-founded in 2013 by Mitchell German and Sean Wander to expand on Mitchell’s original software Plot Control, which was originally developed for the film and television industry.

The goal in creating Control Writer software was in essence to create a whole new category of software…one that took the very best of Plot Control and other niche software products and made it even more customizable and powerful for the user. Specifically, the intent was to allow anyone who was working on a paper, a novel, a legal brief, a screenplay and just about any other final document, to work through their process that typically would require at least two or three different programs and perform all functions inside of one program…Control Writer.

With over 8,000 users of the software and growing the Control Writer marketplace will continue to expand and with improvements and powerful now features constantly added, it’s only a matter of time before this is the premier platform for all creativity and productivity based projects.

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