Technical-Support FAQ

Who owns my data?

All of your copyrights belong to you. In other words, anything that you already owned before or while you used our software remains your intellectual property. As a user of Control Writer, you do grant a limited license to us so that we can store and display your data back to you. (See the CWEULA for more information.)

Who has access to my data?

Only you have access to your data in usable form.

Is my data secure?

Control Writer utilizes secure https/ SSL encryption for all data exchanges between the client software and the Control Writer servers hosted by Microsoft Azure. Additionally, all users are assigned a unique 16-bit (military grade) encryption key, which results in 128 bit level encryption that utilizes AES/ECB/PKCS5 Padding encryption to store data on the Azure servers. In other words, even our regular employees would be unable to access your data even if they tried. The only thing they would see is a bunch of “GOBBLEDYGOOK”

Will Control Writer ever look at my content?

The security and privacy of our users’ data is something that we place the highest value on. Although it’s unlikely that we would ever have to access anyone’s data, there are limited circumstances in which we may become compelled to review part or all of a specific user’s Content. (For more info you can review the CWEULA).

How is my data backed up?

Your data is backed up in two different ways. First, when you’re working on your individual project, every 10 minutes and automatic backup is created inside of your account. These can be accessed by going to the “file” menu and selecting “restore”. Secondly, the database that holds your user account data is hosted by Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and Microsoft maintains ongoing regular backups of their databases and all related content storage devices.

Can I backup my data to my own machine?

Yes. You can back up specific individual projects to your local machine for additional assurance. To do so, simply access the “File Menu” and select “Local Backup” and follow the steps provided.

Where is my data stored?

Control Writer utilizes Microsoft Azure cloud services for storage of all user data and files.

Do I need to save my work as I go or does the program do it for me?

The program currently autosaves every 5 minutes. If you want to save more frequently to not lose any content, you can actively save your work and we recommend doing so.

How often is the software updated?

We are continually working to add new features and overall improvements for the software, as well as correct any issues or bugs that are brought to our attention. It’s not uncommon to see new things available on a weekly basis even.

Sales-Billing FAQ

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. There are no long term contracts, you can always cancel by contacting support@controlwriter.com or by using the form on the support page. Cancellations will take effect at the conclusion of your current billing cycle.

Can I change my payment plan anytime?

Yes. You can change your plan by contacting support@controlwritercom or by using the form on the support page prior to the conclusion of your current billing cycle. For example, if you wish to go from a monthly payment to a an annual payment, that will take effect the following month and will cover the next 12 month period.

What are the current plans I can from?

Plans range from $8.99 a month (billed annually) to monthly billing of $10 per month. For Enterprise level, please contact us with your company’s user requirements.

Sales FAQ

Is there a free trial or free plan?

Yes. There is a free basic version of the software which you can use for as long as you like. The free version does limit the number of projects you can have and there is a storage limit as well. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee on any premium subscription.

Is there a guarantee of any kind?

Yes. Everyone has a risk free 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.

Where do I find help on how to use the software?

On our help (hyperlinked) you’ll find all the help you need in terms of training and resources. If you ever need additional assistance, simply contact support@controlwriter.com or fill our the form on our Support page and we’ll be glad to help.

Can Control Writer replace other word processing tools like Word or Google Docs?

The answer is yes. Software will always be a matter of user preference and certainly there are specialized programs that are more robust than others; however, the core functionality of word processing can be easily accomplished in a very effective manner all inside of Control Writer software.

Are there any cool features in the works?

Oh YES…Some of what we’ve got in the works is so cool, that it would be premature to reveal it until it’s really time; but there are also a number of really cool features that you can see right now: link to feature page…

Can I share my account access with other users?

Although you can’t share your own account access with other users (only one login), you can invite users to collaborate on any project you like.

Will I ever be charged for updated versions of the software?

As long as your account is in active status, you will be billed according to your payment plan and will receive all of the latest updates inside the software without additional charge.

You mentioned that you can use the software anytime from anywhere…is there an app available?

Currently access is available only through the cloud but we expect to release mobile applications in the first quarter of 2016. In the interim, you can have limited feature access on a mobile device by simply logging into your account via the web browser.

Misc FAQ

What if I don’t see the answer to my question here?

Please reach us at support@controlwriter.com or fill out the form on our Support page for further assistance.

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