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Ryan Binse
I also found that I can easily work on multiple projects at the same time. You guys will be in the list of “thank yous” when I accept my Oscar

Didi Lomont
As a beginner screenwriter who has tried several different screenwriting tools, for the first time I can see that your new Control Writer format is something I can definitely understand and work with. I think you hit the nail on the head with this format. I finally feel confident that this is a format I can work with.

Irene Conde
I have been waiting for a software program such as this to help ‘storyboard’ my ideas. Thank you so much and I plan to put this to good use beginning this week!

Frank Curtin, Pivot Point Enterprises
I have been looking for a way to get all my thoughts organized when I’m trying to create my work products. OMG! I’ve finally found a game changing app, that simply allows me to keep all my thinking in the same place. I can go from thought to production without skipping around. Thank you CW team!

Bettie Styurak
Now I have all my ideas in one place, I can print an outline anytime, and my walls are free to display family pictures instead of index cards. You’ve made a great product. I love you guys.

Cindy Lichtman
At a glance, I can view everything on one page pictorially, and I don’t have to read through 24 pages of an outline. I am excited to write a feature using this program. Oh yeah… it’s easy to use. (Seriously!) (Even for me.)

Cheryl Farr
I’m really enjoying the software. The visual aspect of outlining really speaks to me.

Jeremy Miller
In the 15 years I’ve been writing for TV and film, I have never come across a system so intuitive to the writer’s needs.

Rocky Lang, Film Producer & Director
This is a unique and extremely useful program to assist writers in developing a fool proof story. Having produced, written and directed movies and television for thirty years, this screenplay program is the most useful tool I have ever seen.

Diane Nabatoff, Film Producer
This innovative custom software brought instant clarity to both the characters and structure of my project.

Jared Wynn
I feel like a week’s worth of progress was made in an hour this morning. That’s a very satisfying feeling.

Charles Deemer, Author
Very fine program! I’ll be recommending it to my writing students.

Bill Shaffer
This is just what the “Doctor” ordered! I am very excited. This is going to give me the tools necessary to be successful. It does work like your advertisement.

Kim Jacobs
Initially I thought, yeah, just another software I’ll buy and won’t use… but when I watched your intro videos I was hooked!

Writer’s Guild of South Africa
When I saw the initial write-up on this piece of software, the first thing that struck me was that this was exactly what the attendees of our workshop with Savo Tufegdzic on fast and efficient writing wanted

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